DJI fixes battery problem with firmware update for Inspire and Matrice models

In November 2018, I wrote about the problem with the energy supply of the DJI Maurice 200 and Inspire 2 Multicopter. After a few incidents where the drone suddenly crashed, DJI had to issue a safety warning.

Now DJI seems to have found a solution: they have released a firmware update (v01.02.0300) for the affected drones and the controller. The update is supposed to solve the problem with the TB50 and TB55 batteries, which were responsible for the crashes, but also contain a number of other bug fixes, such as “problems with the X7 keeping a straight horizon”. Below you can find the exact firmware numbers. The updates can be downloaded via the DJI Pilot and the DJI Go 4 app. DJI recommends all Inspire and Maurice pilots using the TB50 and TB55 batteries to update the software as soon as possible.

Release date: 2018.11.16.2018

Aircraft firmware: v01.02.03.0300

Firmware of the remote control: v01.01.0050

DJI GO 4 App: iOS v4.3.0 or higher, Android v4.3.0 or higher

Original press release about the firmware update of DJI: Press Release

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