DJI Mavic Mini In Comparison With The Best Compact Camera Drones

The DJI Mavic Mini is the latest addition to the range of compact camera drones. The Mavic Mini can now be ordered for USD $399. In this price segment there is now a lot to choose from and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track. We will show you which drone offers the most:

The comparison of the best compact camera drones

DJI Mavic Mini (top left), DJI Spark (top right), DJI Mavic Air (bottom left) and Parrot Anafi (bottom right).

The Picture Quality

For a final evaluation we have to wait for our test under realistic conditions – but we can already state that the new Mavic Mini will offer a very solid image quality, however does not reach the levels of the much larger prosumer models like the Mavic 2 Pro series. DJI has given the Mavic Mini a 2.7K video resolution, with a 1/ 2.3 CMOS image sensor. The resolution is more than enough for most applications and the chip is from the latest generation. So you can expect a lot more from the Mavic Mini than you can from the slightly outdated DJI Spark.

However, those who place the highest demands on image quality should rather choose one Parrot Anafi or even the even larger Mavic Pro models.

Flight time

This is where the Mavic Mini is definitely ahead and can compete with the much larger models. 30 minutes of light time is absolutely stunning for such a mini drone. The flight time is of course measured under best conditions with hovering flight and no wind – usually you have to subtract a good 20% from the official numbers to get a realistic flight time. But this applies for all other drones as well.

Size & Weight

The most striking feature of the new Mavic Mini is of course its weight. DJI has designed the drone to stay just below the 250 g weight limit, which in most western countries, including the US, makes registration mandatory. This does not apply to the DJI Mavic Mini, you can fly this mini drone directly the need of registration or getting drone pilot license.

The new DJI Mavic Mini is super handy and weights only 249 grams. Photo by DJI.


The low weight and compact dimensions make the Mavic Mini the ideal travel drone. None of the drones in our comparison fit more easily into your luggage – and fall below the registration limit in most countries. For similarly small and light drones, you’ve had to make significant sacrifices on the camera – the Mavic Mini offers by far the best package between image quality and compactness!

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