DJI Mavic Mini Leaked: 2.7K drone just under registration weight limit

Once again an online retailer has revealed the most important information a few days before an official DJI product launch. Last year the British retailer Argos accidentally published the specification of the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom, shortly before the scheduled launch by DJI. This time the Canadian online store Newegg presented the Mavic Mini early. Actually DJI wanted to introduce a new drone on October 30th at the “Fly As You Are” event. We already have expected a new Mavic Mini since a FCC-Registration of a “Mavic Mini” with just under 250 g became public few weeks ago.

The new DJI Mavic Mini is super handy and only 249g light. Photo of DJI about

The most important features at a glance

The new Mavic Mini will be 249 g, just below the weight limit of 250g set by numerous national aviation authorities (including those of the USA, Great Britain and Germany), from which registration of the drone and usually a passed test are required before flying the drone. Seems like these steps can be skipped by the future owners of a Mavic Mini!

The dealer’s specifications promise a flight time of up to 30 minutes, which would be impressive and close to the flight time of much larger models.

2.7K camera resolution in a lightweight case. Photo from DJI via

The camera offers a resolution of 2.7K and sits on a 3-axis gimbal for quiet shots. So DJI positions the Mavic Mini above the

The listing also describes a ‘vision sensor’ and ‘GPS Precise Hover’. This probably is a similar obstacle detection system as we have seen with the Spark, which stops just before an obstacle but cannot navigate around it – a kind of emergency braking system.

How much will the Mavic Mini cost?

The new DJI drone is listed on Newegg for $645.20 Canadian dollars, about US $495. It is still unclear whether it is for the Fly More Combi with extra batteries or the basic price. Even if it is the price for the drone only, this would be a quite interesting offer for all of us looking for a super mini drone with a capable camera.

DJI Mavic Mini unfolded. Photo from DJI via

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