Parrot steps away from toy drone market

After the earning reports of the last years have turned out to be anything but pleasing, the news don’t come as a surprise: The French drone manufacturer Parrot has announced that it will withdraw from the entry-level toy drone market. There will be no successors to the small, inexpensive Parrot Mambo, Bebop and Swing drones.

Parrot Bebop 2 in red.

“The actions taken are expected to reduce the annual loss to a sustainable level to continue responding to the market’s long-term potential,” is stated in the company’s quarterly report.

Parrot Anafi next to its controller with an iPhone.

Parrot continues to rely on its premium model, the camera drone Parrot Anafi, despite job cuts and restructuring. With the Anafi, Parrot wants to continue to stand up to the market leader DJI and its similarly positioned drones DJI Mavic Air and the more expensive Mavic 2 Series. The Anafi has been designed to be an adaptable platform which can be used for both consumer and enterprise markets – as seen with the launch of the Anafi thermal.

If you are interested in one of the cheaper models, don’t wait much longer: Right now Parrot Mambo, Bebop and Swing are still in stock.

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