Solution to Firmware Update Failure on DJI Smart Controllers

In the last days we see more and more messages from users complaining about a failed firmware update of the DJI smart controller crashing at 0% and not showing any progress for hours. The DJI Smart Controller is a remote control for the latest DJI drone models Mavic 2, which uses the OcuSync 2.0 wireless connection. It is the first DJI controller with an integrated display with Full-HD resolution.

Firmware Update stays at 0 %

After switching on the controller or at the latest when connecting to the drone, users get the message that a firmware update (v01.00.0400) is available. This also applies to newly purchased controllers directly after activation via the DJI user account. The download of the update takes a few minutes but is competed sucessfully. Again, users are asked whether the update should be installed. After confirmation, the installation should start, but remains at 0% for hours. Restarting or resetting to the factory settings will not help.

The solution

The solution is to install the firmware v01.00.0400 via your computer with the DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic. The following steps are necessary:

  • Switch off Smart Controller
  • Download the DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic Software¬†(download)
  • Start DJI Assistant 2 on your computer
  • Connect the controller via USB-Connect C with your computer
  • Switch on Smart Controller
  • The controller is recognized by the DJI Assistant software
  • Ignore all pop-ups and messages on the Smart Controller
  • Start update in DJI Assistant 2
Firmware Update with the DJI Assistant 2

During the update, the controller restarts and then witches into update mode. At the very end, the controller restarts again and displays the latest firmware version in the system settings.

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